About Us

Blatant Team Store began in 2018 as a subdivision of Blatant LLC. Founded in 2011 by Michael Brennan and Joe Potenza, these two Long Islanders began their business by selling t-shirts at local tournaments. Since then, they have expanded Blatant into several different offerings:

  • Custom Uniforms and Jerseys

  • Team Gear and Apparel Stores

  • Blatant-branded Casual Apparel and Accessories

  • Hosting Tournaments and Showcases for Top Teams and Clubs

With Blatant Team Store, we are able to become a full service, one stop shop for teams of any sport. Why go through the headache of dealing with multiple companies to get your uniforms and team apparel? We aim to make the entire apparel process (uniforms and spirit-wear) as simple, and painless as possible. 

We know that as a coach or director, you have a lot on your plate. Let us make some of those responsibilities easier. With a fully custom online shop, direct shipping to player/parents, and a dedicated customer service and support team, Blatant Team Store is a no brainer when it comes to team apparel. So get started today and discover how Blatant Team Store can be a game-changer for your team.